Ivan Marković

Security consultant and researcher

Long experience in designing and implementation of security solutions, mainly oriented on web, mobile and embedded applications. Author of penetration testing tools, recognized by OWASP organization and BackTrack Linux distribution. Researching work includes discovery of vulnerabilities of numeral applications and services, and for these, author received public apreciations by Microsoft Company.

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Twitter Bot behaviour analysis scripts

For the purposes of the social network bot hunting I have created several scripts to quickly detect interesting groups and users behaviour.

"Lovac" POC script for Malware Hunting

For the purposes of the malware hunting, and threat landscape modeling, over the years I have created several "quick and dirty" scripts to quickly detect the most critical or compromised systems.

OWASP Risk Assessment Calculator

Discovering vulnerabilities is important, but being able to estimate the associated risk to the business is just as important. This Risk Rating Calculator is based on OWASP's Risk Rating Methodology.

metaMAMA - MetaData Extractor

Documents METADATA extraction and analyzer

SSL Monitor Web servisa Republike Srbije

Povodom sve većeg broja opasnosti koje kruže Internetom (a i vašim telefonom, frižiderom, automobilom, ...) kao i povodom teksta koji je objavio poverenik za informacije: "Vaša komunikacija nije bezbedna", rešio sam da dam svoj mali doprinos zajednici :) Na ovoj stranici nalazi se monitor SSL sertifikata javnih web servisa Republike Srbije.

War Game @ Balkan Computer Congress

The best way to learn is to play with all of the systems and programs that you want to understand, and there's no better way to get started than with a network or application which you can experiment on.

Printer Security PIN Hardware Bruteforcer

Hacking Xerox Multifunction Printer.

WMAT - Web Mail Auth Tool

WMAT is Web Mail Auth Tool that provide some essential functions for testing web mail logins, written in python with support of pyCurl.

DFF (Default files and folders) Scanner

One of  Best Path traversal and PRL attack tools  by TS/SCI Security (year 2008). Also tool is included on BackTrack 4 and OWASP Phoenix/Tools Project.

Hacke.rs - Capture the Flag portal

An online platform to test and advance your skills in penetration testing and cyber security.

Hack The Gate @ Microsoft Sinergija 10

Mastermind behind "Hack the Gate" event at Microsoft Sinergija conference. Year 2010, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Zastita.com - Security News Feed

Security news portal, feed generator with a lot of options. Year 2008.

Hack The Gate @ Microsoft Sinergija 08

Mastermind behind "Hack the Gate" event at Microsoft Sinergija conference. Year 2008, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Proxy Check Info

Collection of some functions that can help in PROXY detection. Contains common methods, as: headers check, open ports check, cookie trap.

PHP Security Info

PHP class for detecting security misconfigurations and basic vulnerabilities on LAMP platform.