Ivan Marković

Security consultant and researcher

Long experience in designing and implementation of security solutions, mainly oriented on web, mobile and embedded applications. Author of penetration testing tools, recognized by OWASP organization and BackTrack Linux distribution. Researching work includes discovery of vulnerabilities of numeral applications and services, and for these, author received public apreciations by Microsoft Company..

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War Game @ Balkan Computer Congress


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The best way to learn is to play with all of the systems and programs that you want to understand, and there's no better way to get started than with a network or application which you can experiment on.

  • We are preparing a wargame-style game for BalCCon for you to sharpen your mad skillz. The game will be level based. Levels will cover broad range of topic from web apps, over reverse engineering to cryptography.

The warm up game took place from Wednesday the 14th of August 12:00 till Sunday the 5th of September 0:00 (CEST / UTC+2 )

The prizes are :

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize : Free ticket

May the force be with you http://wargame.balccon.org

Please send us comments, bug reports and/or level suggestions at
1van at balccon.org.