Ivan Marković

Security consultant and researcher

Long experience in designing and implementation of security solutions, mainly oriented on web, mobile and embedded applications. Author of penetration testing tools, recognized by OWASP organization and BackTrack Linux distribution. Researching work includes discovery of vulnerabilities of numeral applications and services, and for these, author received public apreciations by Microsoft Company..

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Hands on web hacking @ BalCCon 2k13

Balkan Computer Congress is concieved as a gathering of the international hacker community in organization of LUGoNS – Linux Users Group of Novi Sad, in hope of becomming a traditional annual event. The program consits of numerous presentations, workshops and lectures about information, privacy, technology, programming, free software even considering socio-political issues.

I had one presentation "Hand on Web Hacking" and also I was creator of "WARGAME".

Novi Sad, Serbia, year 2013